Abortion in Minnesota

Yes, abortion is legal in Minnesota

Abortion is legal in Minnesota, with few restrictions or limitations in place. Minnesota does not ban or limit access to abortion based on how far along in pregnancy someone is. There is no waiting period, meaning no need to make multiple trips to a health center. Parental consent is also not required for minors seeking an abortion.

No limit based on pregnancy stage

There is no law in Minnesota restricting abortion access based on gestational age or stage of pregnancy. Abortion is legal and accessible regardless of how many weeks pregnant someone is. Limits may vary by individual health providers, but there is no statewide ban at any stage.

No waiting period

Minnesota does not have a mandatory waiting period before getting an abortion. There is no need to attend state-directed counseling and then wait 24-72 hours, as is the law in many other states. Patients can access abortion care when they determine the timing is right for them.

No parental consent required for minors

Young people under age 18 do not need permission from a guardian or parent to access abortion in Minnesota. The right of a minor to consent to abortion is protected by the state constitution. Parental notification cannot be required by law.

Background on abortion law in Minnesota

Abortion has been legal in Minnesota since the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade determined that the U.S. Constitution protects a person’s right to have an abortion. However, states can regulate aspects of abortion care. Few limits have been enacted in Minnesota compared to other states.

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Roe v. Wade decision protects right to abortion

When abortion became legal nationwide, Minnesota moved to comply by repealing its criminal abortion law. The state affirmed a woman’s right to abortion before fetal viability, generally considered 24 weeks gestational age.

State laws regulate but cannot ban abortion

While federal law determines the legality of abortion overall, states can regulate aspects of the procedure. However, regulations cannot place an “undue burden” that interferes with abortion access before viability. Minnesota laws remain less restrictive than most states.

Abortion restrictions in Minnesota

While abortion laws vary widely across different states, Minnesota stands out for having few to no major restrictions currently in place.

None on stage of pregnancy

There are no gestational age limits prohibiting abortion at any point in pregnancy in Minnesota. Abortions can be performed as allowed by health providers regardless of weeks pregnant.

No waiting periods

No law requires an abortion patient to receive counseling then wait 24 hours before coming back for their procedure. There is no mandated delay for appointments.

No parental consent for minors

Minors have a right to abortion care in Minnesota without guardian or parental involvement. This provides confidential access for young people based on their own consent.

Getting an abortion in Minnesota

For those seeking an abortion in Minnesota, the first step is finding a health provider. Financial and travel help may also be available.

Finding a provider

Use an abortion provider search tool to locate your closest abortion clinic. Schedule a consultation to begin care.

Assistance with costs and travel

If needing help with paying for abortion services or travel to your appointment, assistance funds and support networks exist:

Check eligibility rules before applying. Most require appointment booking.

What to expect at appointment

The abortion process varies based on factors like stage of pregnancy and abortion method. However, anticipate:

  • Consultation with a doctor
  • An ultrasound to date the pregnancy
  • Labs and antibiotics may be prescribed
  • You can opt for medication or a procedure
  • Follow-up care is important

Overall the appointment focuses on support, information, and patient comfort.


Abortion access remains protected in Minnesota with no major limits on stage of pregnancy, waiting periods, or parental consent for minors. While abortion rights face challenges nationwide, Minnesota laws uphold abortion as a safe, legal choice.

Staying informed on changing state laws is important for those seeking abortion care. Excellent resources and assistance are also available to help patients navigate the process.


What states can I travel to for abortion care?

Illinois, Iowa, and North Dakota also protect abortion rights, so you may travel there as needed. However, laws vary over time so check a state’s current status before making appointments.

Is abortion covered by health insurance in Minnesota?

Most health plans must include abortion coverage in Minnesota, with some religious exceptions. Verify with your individual insurance provider if abortion care is included.

How much does an abortion cost in Minnesota?

Costs range based on factors like stage of pregnancy, clinic location, and health insurance coverage if applicable. Expect to pay $0-1500+. Financial assistance programs can reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

What methods of abortion are used in Minnesota?

Two options are available: a medication abortion involves taking pills, while a procedural abortion uses medical instruments for suction or dilation and extraction. Discuss methods with your provider.

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What should I do if I’m a minor seeking an abortion without parental consent?

As a minor you have full authority to consent to abortion without involving a parent or guardian. Be aware clinics ensure confidentiality for patients of all ages. Reach out if you need help with informing parents after the fact.

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