Abortion in Colorado


Abortion is Legal Throughout Pregnancy

Yes, abortion is legal in Colorado with no gestational limit or mandatory waiting period. Abortions can be obtained throughout pregnancy.

No Mandatory Waiting Period

Colorado does not require a waiting period between counseling and the abortion procedure. Appointments can often be scheduled quickly.

Parental Notification Required for Minors

Those under 18 must notify a parent/guardian beforehand or obtain a judicial bypass.

Accessing Abortion in Colorado

Finding an Abortion Provider

Use online directories to locate providers in your region. Search by location and gestational age limits.

Many clinics offer same-day abortions. Call to inquire about availability.

Assistance Options

Financial Assistance

Organizations like the National Network of Abortion Funds help with procedure costs and related expenses. Eligibility varies.

Travel Assistance

The Brigid Alliance and other groups assist with transportation, lodging, child care and more.

Other Support

Hotlines provide information, advice and emotional support throughout the process.

Details of Colorado Abortion Laws

No Legal Limit Based on Gestational Age

There is no ban restricting abortion access at any stage of pregnancy. Some providers set their own limits.

Judicial Bypass for Minors

Teens can request a court waive parental notification. The JB Helpline assists with this.

The Abortion Procedure

Early Abortion (First Trimester)

Vacuum aspiration is the common technique, taking 5-10 minutes to complete.

In-Clinic Abortion

Later procedures typically use dilation and evacuation (D&E) with gentle instruments to empty the uterus.

Medication Abortion

The abortion pill regimen involves mifepristone and misoprostol to induce a miscarriage.

After the Abortion

What to Expect Physically

Cramping, bleeding and clotting often occur for up to 4 weeks post-abortion. This is normal.

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Follow-Up Appointment Importance

A follow-up visit ensures complete abortion and monitors recovery.

Emotional Support Resources

Feelings may include relief, sadness or regret. Counseling helps process emotions.

Abortion from the Provider Perspective

Types of Abortion Providers

Clinics, doctors’ offices and hospitals may offer abortions. Levels of service vary.

Logistical Considerations

Staff coordinate details like anesthesia, lab tests and emergency plans.

Ensuring High-Quality Care

Providers adhere to strict medical guidelines and prioritize compassion.

The Legality Debate

Support for Legal Abortion Access

Advocates argue that abortion access is vital for reproductive freedom and health.

Opposition Viewpoints

Anti-abortion activists believe life begins at conception and abortion is morally wrong.

Potential Legal Challenges

The right to an abortion could be limited if Roe v. Wade is overturned or weakened.

Tangential Issues

Sex Education

Comprehensive programs on reproduction and contraception could lower abortion rates.

Contraceptive Access

Increased availability and affordability help prevent unintended pregnancy.

Domestic Violence Resources

Economic barriers often prevent victims from leaving abusers; funds can assist.


Abortion remains fully legal in Colorado with no limits on gestational timing. While abortion is accessible statewide, options vary by provider, and practical obstacles exist. Numerous organizations strive to support those exercising their right to choose. Comprehensive sex ed and accessible contraception could lower demand. Still, legal abortion is vital healthcare, which Colorado protects. The future legality rests on preserving protections like Roe v. Wade against opposition challenges. Those needing care can utilize directories and hotlines to connect to compassionate, quality providers.


  • What week of pregnancy is abortion illegal in Colorado?
    • There is no ban; abortion is accessible throughout pregnancy. Some clinics set individual limits.
  • How much does an abortion cost in Colorado?
    • Fees range based on the facility, stage of pregnancy, insurance coverage, etc. Financial assistance can lower out-of-pocket costs.
  • Can I get an abortion without my parents knowing in Colorado?
    • Yes. Minors have options, including judicial bypass to waive parental notification.
  • Are abortions painful?
    • Cramping and discomfort occur, but clinics offer pain medication to help patients remain comfortable.
  • Where can I get the abortion pill in Colorado?
    • Certified providers prescribe and dispense medication abortion pills. Telemedicine protocols permit remote consultation.
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