Abortion in Rhode Island

Overview of Abortion Legality

Abortion Legal Until Viability

Yes, abortion is legal in Rhode Island until viability. Viability refers to the point in pregnancy when a fetus is developed enough to potentially survive outside the womb.

Definition of Viability

The exact point of viability varies depending on each individual pregnancy. It’s typically around 24 weeks gestation, but could be a few weeks earlier or later.

Impact on Access to Abortion

Although abortion is legal in Rhode Island until viability, some abortion providers stop offering abortions earlier in pregnancy. So while it’s legally allowed, access can still be limited in practice.

Restrictions on Abortion Access

Parental Consent Required for Minors

If you are under 18 in Rhode Island, you are required to get consent from a parent or guardian before getting an abortion. You can pursue a judicial bypass as an alternative.

No Other Major Restrictions

Unlike some other states, Rhode Island does not have mandatory waiting periods, counseling requirements, or other major restrictions on abortion.

Out-of-State Abortion Option

Legal to Travel to Another State

It is legal for Rhode Island residents to travel to another state to access abortion services. This can help expand options.

Assistance Programs Available

There are various organizations that provide funding, transportation, lodging and other assistance for out-of-state abortion care.

Details on Rhode Island Abortion Laws

No Waiting Period

Rhode Island does not require any waiting period between counseling and the abortion procedure. You can schedule an appointment and receive care promptly.

Parental Consent Required for Minors

If you are under 18, you’ll need permission from a parent or guardian. Judicial bypass waives this requirement.

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Legal Until Viability

Abortion is allowed in Rhode Island until the point that a fetus could viably survive outside the womb. There are exceptions after viability to protect the pregnant person’s health.

Exceptions After Viability

Exceptions allowing abortion after viability include situations that endanger the pregnant person’s life or health.

Finding an Abortion Provider

Using Online Search Tools

You can search for Rhode Island abortion providers through databases like the one offered by National Abortion Federation.

Contacting Assistance Hotlines

Hotlines like the one run by National Abortion Federation provide referrals and appointment help.

Financial and Logistical Support Available

Various Types of Assistance Offered

There are organizations that provide funding assistance, help with travel and lodging, and other abortion resources.

Eligibility Criteria

Most organizations require that you have already scheduled an abortion appointment before applying for support services.


So in summary – yes, abortion is legal in Rhode Island with some reasonable restrictions. And there are resources available if accessing local care is difficult. Reach out for help finding and funding the care you need.


What gestational age is abortion legal up to in Rhode Island?

Abortion is legal in Rhode Island up until viability, which is typically around 24 weeks but is determined on an individual basis by a doctor. Some clinics may stop providing abortions earlier than 24 weeks.

Can a 16-year-old get an abortion without parental consent in Rhode Island?

No, 16-year-olds have to get parental consent or pursue a judicial bypass in Rhode Island. The judicial bypass process allows a minor to get court approval for an abortion without involving a parent or guardian.

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Is there a mandatory waiting period before getting an abortion in Rhode Island?

No, Rhode Island does not have any waiting period requirements for abortion. You can schedule and receive care promptly.

What should I do if I can’t access abortion locally in Rhode Island?

You have the option to travel out of state for abortion care. There are resources like abortion funds and practical support organizations that can help with logistics and funding.

Are ultrasounds or counseling required before getting an abortion in Rhode Island?

No, ultrasounds and counseling are not required by Rhode Island law in order to get an abortion. While some doctors may use ultrasounds as part of care, it’s not mandated.

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