Abortion in Illinois

Yes, abortion is legal in Illinois

Abortion is legal in Illinois. However, abortion is restricted and regulated in Illinois and other states. Abortion law and regulations vary from state to state.

When abortion is legal

Right now, abortion is legal in Illinois until “viability,” which is the stage of pregnancy when a fetus has developed enough that it is able to survive outside the uterus with medical help. When viability happens depends on how the fetus is developing and can be different for every pregnancy.

Before viability

If your pregnancy has not reached viability, it is legal for you to get an abortion in Illinois. A health care provider can determine whether a pregnancy has reached viability.

After viability

Although Illinois allows abortion until viability, many providers stop offering abortions earlier in pregnancy. Abortion after viability is restricted.

Exceptions after viability

There are exceptions that may allow you to get an abortion in Illinois after viability:

  • To save the pregnant person’s life
  • To preserve the pregnant person’s health (can include mental health)

Getting an abortion in Illinois

If you have decided to get an abortion, here is what you need to know about getting one in Illinois:

If you’re under 18

Parental involvement is not required in Illinois. If you’re younger than 18, you can consent to an abortion and do not have to notify a parent to get an abortion in Illinois.

Finding a provider

You have options for finding an abortion provider in Illinois. You can also travel out of state.

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Use abortion provider search

Use our search tool to find an abortion provider in or near Illinois. If you’re having trouble getting an appointment or need other help related to getting an abortion, call the NAF Hotline.

Get help from NAF Hotline

Call the NAF (National Abortion Federation) Hotline at 1-800-772-9100. They can help you if you’re having trouble getting an appointment or need other abortion-related help.

Finding funding and support

There are resources that offer funding assistance and support for travel, childcare, lodging for your abortion. Note that most require an appointment to be scheduled before applying.

Search funding and support resources

A variety of assistance resources are available depending on where you’re located. Check the links for Illinois-based groups as well as national ones.

Search for out-of-state support

If you schedule an appointment out of state, you can search assistance in that state.

Illinois abortion laws overview

Here is an overview of Illinois’ specific abortion laws:

No waiting period

Illinois does not require you to attend a counseling session or go through a waiting period before getting an abortion.

No parental consent required

If you’re younger than 18, you do not have to notify or get consent from a parent to get an abortion.

Legal until viability

Abortion is legal in Illinois until viability, which is when a fetus can survive outside the womb.

What viability means

Viability depends on each pregnancy and happens at different stages. A provider determines viability.

Check provider gestational limits

Although abortion is legal until viability in Illinois, providers have different limits on weeks of pregnancy they will perform abortions. Check limits with each provider.

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So in summary – yes, abortion is legal in Illinois, with some restrictions after viability. People under 18 don’t need parental consent. There are resources to help find and pay for abortion services. Illinois doesn’t have waiting periods or consent laws. Understanding the specifics of Illinois law can help if you are considering or seeking an abortion.


Is abortion completely illegal in Illinois?
No. Abortion is legal in Illinois until viability, typically 24 weeks. After 24 weeks, abortion is restricted with some exceptions.

Do I need parental consent if I am under 18 in Illinois? No, Illinois does not require parental involvement for people under 18 seeking abortions.

How far along can I be to get an abortion in Illinois? Abortion is legal until viability, but many providers establish gestational limits that are earlier, typically up to 24 weeks. Check with your provider.

If I am past the gestational limit, can I still get an abortion? If your pregnancy is past viability, you may still be able to obtain an abortion to preserve health or save life. Exceptions are made in some cases.

Does Illinois require a waiting period before getting abortion services?
No. Illinois does not require any waiting period or counseling prior to obtaining abortion services.

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