Abortion in Delaware

Overview of Abortion Law in Delaware

When Abortion is Legal

Abortion is legal in Delaware until “viability,” which is when a fetus can survive outside the womb with medical help. This point varies by pregnancy.

Restrictions and Parental Notification

If under 16, must notify parent or guardian. Judicial bypass waives this.

Seeking Abortion Out-of-State

You can leave Delaware and get an abortion in another state.

If You Need an Abortion in Delaware

Before Viability

If not viable yet, you can legally get an abortion in Delaware.

After Viability

After viability, abortion is restricted except for limited exceptions.

Exceptions After Viability

Exceptions include to save the pregnant person’s life or health.

Finding an Abortion Provider in Delaware

Using Online Search Tools

Use online search tools to find a verified abortion provider.

Getting Assistance with Appointments and Costs

If needing help, call the National Abortion Federation Hotline.

Financial and Logistical Support

Assistance with Travel

Some organizations offer help with travel costs.

Help with Lodging and Childcare

Lodging and childcare help may also be available.

Organizations Providing Financial Support

Multiple groups offer funding for abortion procedures.

Delaware’s Specific Abortion Laws

No Waiting Period

Delaware has no waiting period for getting an abortion.

Parental Notification Required

If under 16, must notify a parent or guardian, unless judicial bypass is obtained.

Legal Until Viability

Abortion legal until viability, but providers may have earlier limits.

Exceptions After Viability

Exceptions after viability include risk to pregnant person’s life or health.

Judicial Bypass for Minors

What is Judicial Bypass?

It allows minors to waive parental notification requirements.

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Getting Help from the JB Helpline

The JB Helpline assists minors through the judicial bypass process.

Differences Between States

Gestational Limits Vary

The gestational age limit for abortion varies by state.

Some States Have More Restrictions

Some states also impose waiting periods or other rules.

Continuing Your Abortion Care

Follow-Up Appointments

It’s important to attend recommended follow-up appointments.

Emotional Support Resources

If desired, utilize emotional support resources available.


Abortion legality and access varies greatly by state. In Delaware, abortion is legal until viability but those under 16 must notify a parent or guardian. Financial, travel, and other support is available from certain organizations for those seeking abortions. Be sure to understand and follow Delaware’s specific abortion laws and restrictions.


Is abortion completely banned in Delaware?

No, abortion is legal in Delaware until viability. After viability, there are exceptions to save the pregnant person’s life or health.

Do I have to wait a certain amount of time to get an abortion?

No, Delaware does not require any waiting period before getting an abortion.

Can I get an abortion out-of-state?

Yes, you can leave Delaware and get an abortion in another state.

What if I can’t involve my parents?

Those under 16 can obtain a judicial bypass to waive the parental notification requirement.

Who can I contact if I need financial help?

There are organizations that provide funding assistance for abortions. The National Abortion Federation Hotline can help.

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