Abortion in Idaho

New Law Banning Abortion

On August 25, 2022, Idaho enacted a new law banning abortions in the state, with very limited exceptions. This law, which had previously been temporarily blocked by a federal judge, went into effect after an appeals court ruling.

Limited Exceptions

There are only two situations in which abortion remains legal in Idaho after the new ban:

  • To save the pregnant person’s life – If the pregnancy threatens the life of the pregnant person, an abortion may legally be performed.
  • Pregnancy from rape/incest – Abortions are permitted if the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest. Documentation must be provided.

Getting an Abortion If You’re in Idaho

For most people seeking an abortion in Idaho, out-of-state travel is now required.

Traveling Out of State

People in Idaho have the right to travel to other states to access legal abortion care. Neighboring states like Oregon, Nevada, and Colorado have abortion access, but may require scheduling delays.

Finding an Out-of-State Provider

Use abortion provider search tools to locate clinics in nearby states. Call as soon as possible to schedule appointments, as demand is likely high. The National Abortion Federation (NAF) Hotline can assist at 1-800-772-9100.

Assistance for Costs and Travel

Various nonprofit organizations offer financial and logistical support related to travel for abortion care. This can include funding, transportation, lodging, childcare, and more.

Judicial Bypass If Under 18

Minors under 18 may need a parent/guardian’s permission for an abortion in some states. If seeking care without parental involvement, inquire about getting a judicial bypass.

Idaho Abortion Law Overview

Here are key details on Idaho’s abortion laws:

Current Legal Status

Exceptions Allowing Abortion in Idaho

  • To save the pregnant person’s life
  • Pregnancy resulting from rape/incest

Documentation is required for both exceptions.

Impact on People Seeking Abortions

For those seeking abortion care, Idaho’s ban has significant repercussions:

Scheduling Delays and Waiting Periods

In states with abortion access, longer wait times for appointments are anticipated due to sharp increases in out-of-state patients. Some states also mandate waiting periods between counseling and procedure.

Travel and Time Away From Home

Traveling long distances and taking time off work/school create additional barriers. Out-of-state childcare, lodging, and extended time away from responsibilities may be necessary.

Financial Costs

The costs of travel, lodging, childcare and the procedure itself (if uninsured) present financial challenges. Nonprofit assistance funds help offset costs for some patients.

Broader Impacts

Repercussions also extend into legal, political, and public health realms:

Legal Battles and Protests

Court battles over the Idaho law are expected to continue. Public protests both supporting and opposing the ban have occurred nationwide.

2022 Elections

Abortion access is proving to be a galvanizing issue among voters for the 2022 midterm elections across the country. Several key races in Idaho could be impacted.

Public Health Consequences

Health experts warn abortion bans lead to increases in pregnancy-related deaths and complications. They also disrupt continuity of care.

What This Means Going Forward

Abortion access will remain complex for Idaho residents:

Out-of-State Care Still Accessible

While difficult and expensive to navigate, abortion care can still be obtained legally out-of-state for most Idaho patients.

Continued Legal Challenges

Lengthy court battles are anticipated over Idaho’s restrictive abortion law. Temporary blocks of the ban could occur.

Support for People Seeking Care

Advocacy groups vow to bolster resources providing travel assistance, financial aid, lodging, childcare and other support to patients journeying out-of-state.

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The path ahead promises continued struggles interwoven with compassion as Idaho adapts to the new landscape for abortion rights.


Idaho’s total abortion ban creates formidable obstacles like travel difficulties and delays in care. While the law faces ongoing lawsuits, the current reality necessitates that patients travel great distances to access their legally protected right to abortion. Several organizations provide vital funding and logistical help. With midterm elections looming, abortion ranks among the most divisive issues facing Idaho and the nation. This complex matter intersects legal, ethical, medical, political and human rights realms – promising continued debate alongside efforts to assist people in obtaining essential care.


What are the two exceptions where abortion remains legal in Idaho?

The two exceptions are: to save the life of the pregnant person, and if the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest (with documentation required).

Can I get in legal trouble for traveling to another state to get an abortion?

No, it remains legal for Idaho residents to travel to other states for abortion care.

What type of financial help is available if I travel out of state?

Nonprofit organizations provide funding to offset costs like travel, lodging, childcare and the abortion procedure itself. Eligibility and assistance varies.

If I’m under 18, can I get an abortion without my parents knowing?

Possibly. Look into getting a “judicial bypass” in the state where you’re seeking care. This allows a judge to give permission versus requiring parental/guardian consent.

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