Abortion in Iowa

Yes, with restrictions

Abortion remains legal in Iowa. However, there are various laws restricting access, including a ban on abortion after 21 weeks, 6 days of pregnancy.

Abortion is legal up to 21 weeks, 6 days

Up to 21 weeks, 6 days of pregnancy, abortion is legal in Iowa. Many abortion providers in the state stop offering abortions earlier than this though.

24-hour waiting period

Iowa requires a 24-hour waiting period between in-person counseling and the abortion procedure itself. This can be waived if the patient’s health is at risk.

Parental consent for minors

Minors under 18 must notify a parent or guardian beforehand to get an abortion. If this is not possible, they can seek a judicial bypass to waive the consent requirement.

Current legal status

In July 2023, Iowa passed a law banning abortion after around 6 weeks of pregnancy. However, this law has been blocked by the courts and is not currently in effect. The legal battle continues.

Getting an abortion in Iowa

While abortion remains accessible for now, patients face barriers making appointments.

Finding a provider

Use an abortion provider search tool to locate clinics. If having trouble, call the National Abortion Federation Hotline at 1-800-772-9100.

Assistance with costs and travel

Various non-profits offer help with paying for the procedure, transportation, childcare and lodging if needed. Check if you qualify after making an appointment.

Out-of-state options

Leaving Iowa to get an abortion in another state with fewer restrictions is an option. Search for providers in nearby states.

Iowa abortion laws overview

Below are some key aspects of Iowa’s abortion laws:

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24-hour waiting period

There is a 24-hour waiting period between counseling and abortion.

Parental involvement for minors

If under 18, minors must notify a parent/guardian unless they get a judicial bypass.

Banned after 21 weeks, 6 days

Iowa bans abortions after 21 weeks, 6 days of pregnancy.

Exceptions to ban

Exceptions past the ban include:

  • Saving the pregnant person’s life
  • Preventing health risks
  • Severe fetal abnormalities
  • Pregnancy from rape/incest


For now, abortion remains legal in Iowa up to 21 weeks, 6 days. However, laws are rapidly changing and access faces increasing barriers. Patients may need to travel out-of-state or get judicial bypass if under 18. The future of abortion access in Iowa remains uncertain.


1. Is abortion completely illegal in Iowa?

No, abortion is still legal up to 21 weeks, 6 days in Iowa. However, a 6-week abortion ban has been passed but is currently blocked.

2. Do minors need parental consent for abortion in Iowa?

Yes. Minors under 18 generally need parental notification or consent to get an abortion. The alternative is getting a judicial bypass of this requirement.

3. What week is the cutoff for abortion in Iowa?

Iowa bans abortion after 21 weeks, 6 days of pregnancy, although most providers stop earlier.

4. Can I travel out-of-state to get an abortion?

Yes, leaving Iowa to get an abortion in another state is an option if it is difficult to access in Iowa.

5. What exceptions allow abortion after 21 weeks, 6 days in Iowa?

Exceptions to save the pregnant person’s life/health, in cases of rape/incest, or severe fetal abnormalities.

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