Abortion in Utah

Yes, with restrictions

Utah does allow legal abortion, but has bans and restrictions in place that limit abortion access. Abortion is legal up to 18 weeks, 0 days of pregnancy in Utah. After this gestational limit, abortion is banned except for narrow exceptions.

Utah also has a 72-hour waiting period in effect, requiring two visits to an abortion provider separated by at least 72 hours. For minors under 18, parental consent is required or the minor must obtain a judicial bypass.

Current law status

In June 2022, Utah passed a law banning abortion entirely. This trigger ban is not currently in effect due to an ongoing court challenge. If the ban takes effect, performing or obtaining an abortion in Utah would become illegal except to prevent death or serious health risk.

72-hour waiting period

Utah requires patients to visit an abortion provider for state-mandated counseling, then wait at least 72 hours before returning for the procedure. This waiting period can only be waived if the patient’s health is at risk.

Parental consent for minors

Patients under 18 must have written consent from a parent or guardian. If parental consent is not obtainable, patients can seek a judicial bypass to waive the consent requirement.

Ban after 18 weeks

Utah bans abortions after 18 weeks, 0 days of pregnancy, counted from the first day of the patient’s last menstrual period.

Getting an abortion in Utah

18 weeks or less

If you are 18 weeks pregnant or less, you can legally get an abortion in Utah. You will need to complete the 72-hour waiting period and obtain parental consent if you are a minor.

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Many providers stop offering abortions earlier than 18 weeks, so contact them promptly to schedule an appointment. Financial and travel assistance may be available through abortion funds.

After 18 weeks

If you are past 18 weeks pregnant, abortion is banned in Utah except for narrow health and fetal anomaly exceptions. You will need to travel out of state to obtain an abortion. Assistance is available through abortion funds and practical support organizations.

Our provider search tool can help you locate an appropriate provider given your gestation. The National Abortion Federation hotline provides referrals at 1-800-772-9100.

Assistance for abortion access

Various national and local organizations offer financial assistance for the procedure itself as well as help with travel, lodging and other practical needs. To find a listing of assistance options available based on your location and individual circumstances, visit I Need An A.

Utah abortion laws overview

Below is a brief overview of some of Utah’s current abortion restrictions:

72-hour waiting period

Patients must visit the abortion provider twice with at least 72 hours between visits. Waived only for medical emergencies.

Parental involvement

If under 18, written consent from a parent or guardian is required. Judicial bypass allows waiving this requirement.

18 week abortion ban

Abortion is banned after 18 weeks, 0 days of pregnancy except to preserve the life/health of the patient.

Exceptions to the ban

Narrow exceptions past 18 weeks in cases that threaten the patient’s health or where the fetus has a condition incompatible with life.


While Utah still allows legal abortion access, bans on abortion later in pregnancy combined with waiting periods, parental consent laws, and other restrictions present obstacles for patients seeking care. Support organizations remain available to help patients navigate the legal and logistical challenges around accessing abortion.

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What are Utah’s abortion laws?

Utah bans abortion after 18 weeks and has a 72-hour waiting period and parental consent requirement for minors. A total abortion ban is temporarily blocked by courts.

Does Utah require parental consent for abortion?

Yes, minors under 18 must have written parental consent or obtain a judicial bypass of this requirement.

How far along can you get an abortion in Utah?

Currently, up to 18 weeks, 0 days of pregnancy. Abortions later than this are banned by state law.

What if I’m past the gestational limit in Utah?

If over 18 weeks pregnant, you will need to travel out of state for abortion care. Assistance is available through abortion funds and practical support organizations.

What assistance is available for getting an abortion?

Financial help for the procedure as well as assistance with travel, lodging, childcare and other barriers are offered by various national and local abortion access organizations.

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