Abortion in Wyoming

Yes, abortion remains legal in Wyoming but faces an uncertain future

Abortion currently remains legal in Wyoming but is severely restricted and likely to face new bans in the near future due to the state’s conservative political climate. This complex situation raises many questions for people seeking abortions in Wyoming.

What is the current status of abortion rights in Wyoming?

Until recently, abortion was legal in Wyoming up to viability, which is the point in pregnancy when a fetus can survive outside the womb. An abortion ban after 6 weeks signed in March 2023 is currently blocked amid lawsuits but still threatens abortion access while litigation proceeds.

How is viability defined under Wyoming abortion law?

Viability differs based on factors like fetal development and medical technology. It often occurs around 24 weeks but can be determined sooner or later. Before the recent total abortion ban, Wyoming had no set gestational age limit, leaving the viability determination up to doctors.

Have new abortion bans been enacted?

Yes. A trigger ban completely outlawing abortion except to save the pregnant person’s life went into effect when Roe v. Wade was overturned in 2022. However, this law is not currently in effect due to litigation. An earlier 6-week abortion ban passed in 2023 is also on hold due to a court injunction but still threatens future care.

What does the legal uncertainty mean for accessing abortion in Wyoming?

With new bans likely coming if ongoing lawsuits fail, time is limited. However, abortion remains legal for now, and out-of-state options also exist.

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Are abortions currently available in Wyoming?

Yes. With bans temporarily blocked, abortions are legal and available in Wyoming until viability. But the uncertain legal landscape makes continued availability unclear long-term.

What if I can’t access abortion services in Wyoming?

Traveling out of state is an option. Abortion will remain legal in some neighboring states like Colorado regardless of Wyoming’s laws. Support groups can assist with referrals, travel arrangements, lodging, and other barriers to out-of-state abortion care.

Who can legally get an abortion in Wyoming?

Current Wyoming law allows abortion for most patients but restricts access for minors. Certain exceptions may also allow later abortions.

Are there any exceptions to abortion restrictions in Wyoming?

Yes. Current laws make exceptions to preserve the pregnant person’s health or life. Some fetal conditions may also qualify for exceptions allowing later abortions.

Does Wyoming require parental consent for minors seeking abortions?

Parental consent is mandated for patients under 18. Minors can pursue a judicial bypass, where a judge waives consent requirements if the minor can demonstrate maturity and understanding of their decision. Advocacy groups provide legal assistance with bypass requests.

How can I find an abortion provider in Wyoming?

Use AbortionFinder.org or the National Abortion Federation hotline to locate verified abortion providers and confirm availability amid the shifting legal landscape. Act quickly with looming bans – call 1-800-772-9100 for help finding appointments.

How can I get financial assistance for abortion services in Wyoming?

Many non-profits provide practical support beyond basic abortion services. Check eligibility and application requirements, as most groups require booking appointments before assisting with travel, lodging, child care, and other abortion-related expenses.

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What financial help is available for Wyoming abortion patients?

Several non-profits provide funding specifically for Wyoming residents struggling to cover abortion costs. National groups like the National Network of Abortion Funds and National Abortion Federation also supply grants to those who qualify.

How can I get help with travel for out-of-state abortion care?

If appointments require going out-of-state for abortion services, assistance groups can help coordinate transportation, lodging, and other travel necessities. They may also provide reimbursements for travel costs after care is received.


Wyoming statutes currently protect abortion rights enough to allow most patients to terminate pregnancies safely and legally. But new near-total bans loom, making this access tenuous at best without decisive court intervention. Still, with advocacy groups expanding practical support alongside the fight to preserve constitutional protections, the challenging road ahead remains navigable for Wyoming residents seeking abortion care.


Is abortion still allowed in Wyoming with the trigger ban in effect?

No, Wyoming’s trigger ban outlawing nearly all abortions went into effect when Roe fell. But currently this ban is not in effect due to legal challenges temporarily blocking enforcement. Abortion remains legal for now.

What will happen if Wyoming’s total abortion trigger ban takes effect?

Nearly all abortions would be banned except to save a pregnant patient’s life. Doctors could face imprisonment for violating this near-total ban if allowed to take effect. Travel out of state would become necessary for care.

Are there any exemptions to Wyoming’s ban for rape or incest cases?

No, Wyoming’s total abortion ban legislation provides no exemptions for rape, incest, or fetal abnormalities. The only exception is to prevent pregnant person’s death.

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Can a minor keep an abortion private from parents in Wyoming?

Yes, Wyoming minors can obtain judicial bypass to avoid involving parents in their abortion decision and keep it confidential through the courts. Support groups assist with the bypass process.

Who can I call if I have trouble finding or paying for abortion services in Wyoming?

Contact the National Network of Abortion Funds or the National Abortion Federation for abortion access help related to finding providers, travel assistance, legal issues, financial aid, and other support.

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