Abortion in Maryland

Abortion is Legal With No Gestational Limit

Abortion is legal throughout pregnancy

Yes, abortion is legal in Maryland with no gestational limit or ban throughout pregnancy. There are no restrictions based on how far along you are.

There is no ban or limit based on pregnancy stage

Maryland has no law restricting abortion access or limiting availability based on gestational age or trimester. Abortion is fully legal and accessible in Maryland at all stages of pregnancy.

If You’re Under 18 – Parental Notification is Required

Parents must be notified if under 18

If you are under 18 years old, one parent or legal guardian must be notified before you get an abortion in Maryland. This is the law for minors seeking an abortion.

Doctors can waive this requirement

If notifying your parent or guardian is not an option, licensed physicians can waive Maryland’s parental notification requirement if they determine you are mature and capable of consenting on your own.

Ask your provider about waiving notification

When booking your appointment, ask the abortion provider if they can waive parental notification for minors in qualifying situations based on their assessment.

Finding an Abortion Provider in Maryland

Use online search tools to find a provider

There are great online databases that allow you to search for licensed abortion providers in Maryland and filter by location, costs, and appointment availability. Use these to find and contact a provider.

Call the NAF Hotline if you need help

If struggling to book an appointment or access care, call the National Abortion Federation’s information hotline at 1-800-772-9100 for guidance.

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Find a verified, licensed abortion provider

Only receive abortion care from an accredited, licensed facility and provider to ensure the highest quality care. Avoid non-verified providers.

Financial and Travel Support Available

Assistance for costs, travel, childcare and more

There are national and local organizations that provide financial assistance for the abortion itself or related travel costs. Some also help with transportation, childcare, and lodging if required.

Complete your appointment booking first

Note that to start applying for financial assistance, most organizations require that you have already scheduled your official abortion appointment.

Search for support in appointment state

If you book an out-of-state abortion appointment, also research travel cost support options available in that state.

Overview of Maryland Abortion Laws

No waiting period required

Maryland does not impose any mandatory waiting periods requiring multiple trips or delaying care.

Parental involvement required under 18

For patients younger than 18, one parent must be notified (physicians can waive).

No limit on pregnancy stage

There are currently no legal limits on abortion in Maryland tied to length of pregnancy or trimester.

Specific Maryland Abortion Laws

No Waiting Period

No counseling or waiting period

Maryland has no law requiring patients to attend in-person counseling and then delay care for 1-3 days before the abortion procedure like many other states do. Patients can receive immediate care.

Notify a Parent If Under 18

Parent/guardian notification required

At least one parent or legal guardian must be informed prior to a minor under 18 getting an abortion. This is the parental involvement law.

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Doctors can waive with rationale

Licensed physicians can waive notifying guardians if the minor is sufficiently mature and informed enough to decide.

No Limit on Pregnancy Stage

No law limiting abortion availability

There are currently no Maryland laws restricting abortion access by gestational age or pregnancy trimester.

Provider’s discretion on limits

Individual abortion providers and clinics set their own gestational limit policies based on safety, so check with them directly.

Getting an Abortion Out-of-State

Travel to nearby states if needed

If unable to find a provider in Maryland to perform an abortion at a certain stage of pregnancy, patients may need to travel to nearby states for care.

Research laws and support options

If getting an abortion out-of-state, research the specific laws and financial support options available in that state beforehand.

Recent Changes and Possible Impacts

No major changes recently

There have not been any new, updated laws recently restricting or expanding abortion access in Maryland.

Low risk of future restrictions

Due to its political climate, Maryland has a relatively low risk of enacting tighter future abortion restrictions compared to other states.


Is there a waiting period to get an abortion in Maryland?

No. Maryland does not have a mandatory waiting period law requiring delays or multiple trips. Patients can receive abortion care immediately.

Is parental consent required for minors seeking an abortion?

Parental notification, not consent, is required in Maryland for patients younger than 18. Licensed doctors can waive this if the minor meets maturity and consent criteria.

What financial support is available for getting an abortion in Maryland?

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National and local organizations provide abortion funding assistance as well as help with travel, lodging and childcare costs depending on eligibility. Complete appointment booking first before applying.

What are abortion limits based on pregnancy trimesters in Maryland?

Maryland does not restrict abortion legally based on pregnancy length or trimester. But individual providers may have limitations so check with your clinic.

If I am later in pregnancy, can I travel to Maryland from out-of-state for care?

Yes, people travel from restrictive states to receive abortions legally in Maryland with no gestational limits based on pregnancy stage. Contact Maryland providers directly.

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