Abortion in Maine

Yes. Abortion is legal in Maine.

There is no limit on abortion in Maine based on how far along in pregnancy you are. To figure out how far along you are in pregnancy, count from the first day of your last period.

No Limit Based on Gestational Age

Maine does not restrict abortions based on gestational age or fetal viability. Abortions are legal throughout pregnancy.

No Mandatory Waiting Period

Maine has no mandatory waiting period to obtain an abortion. There is no required counseling or multiple trips to a clinic.

No Parental Consent Required for Minors

Maine does not require parental consent for minors seeking abortions. Those under 18 can consent on their own.

Getting an Abortion in Maine

If you’re in Maine and need an abortion, here is what you need to know:

Finding an Abortion Provider

Use the abortion provider search tool to find a licensed clinic or doctor’s office that provides abortion services in Maine.

If you have trouble getting an appointment or need assistance accessing care, call the National Abortion Federation hotline.

Assistance Programs Available

Several nonprofit organizations offer financial help, lodging support, transportation, and counseling to Maine residents struggling to afford an abortion.

Eligibility criteria, services provided, and applications differ by agency. Search for funding and support to explore options.

Out-of-State Options

The few abortion clinics in Maine have limited capacity. Those needing care may need to travel to clinics in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or New York.

Some assistance groups help patients travel out-of-state for abortions when in-state care is unavailable.

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History of Abortion Laws in Maine

Abortion has historically been legal in Maine. Some background on the legal landscape:

Always Legal with Limited Restrictions

Maine passed limited abortion restrictions in 1821 and 1917, but access has been broadly protected since a 1973 public referendum vote.

Recent Efforts to Expand Access

In 1993 and 2019, Maine policymakers introduced measures to expand abortion access. While not all proposals succeeded, most barriers have been eliminated.

Public Opinion on Abortion in Maine

Among Maine residents:

Majority Support Legal Abortion

Consistently, over 60% believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases, one of the highest rates in the U.S.

Opposition Efforts Ongoing

A minority favor more restrictions or want to ban abortion entirely. Anti-abortion activism continues, but public support for abortion rights remains strong.

The Future of Abortion Access in Maine

Looking ahead:

Potential for New Restrictions

While most lawmakers support abortion rights, opponents periodically propose mandatory waiting periods, gestational age limits, and other constraints.

Continued Advocacy for Abortion Rights

Maine abortion rights supporters continue promoting policies to expand access, prevent restrictions, and ensure care remains available and affordable for all.


Is there a gestational limit on abortion in Maine?

No. Maine does not restrict abortions based on how far along the pregnancy is. Abortions are legal and accessible throughout pregnancy.

Do minors need consent to get an abortion?

No. Maine does not require minors to notify or obtain consent from a parent or guardian for an abortion.

How many abortion clinics are there in Maine?

As of 2023, Maine has three clinics providing abortion services, located in Portland, Augusta, and Bangor. Capacity is limited so out-of-state care may be necessary.

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Does Medicaid cover abortion in Maine?

Yes. Maine’s Medicaid program covers abortion services with state funds as needed to ensure access for low-income residents.

What percentage of people support legal abortion in Maine?

Over 60% of Maine residents believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases – one of the highest levels of public support in the U.S.

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