Abortion in Ohio

Overview of abortion law in Ohio

When is abortion legal in Ohio

Abortion is legal in Ohio until viability. Viability refers to the point in pregnancy when a fetus can survive outside the womb. Before viability, abortion is legal, although there are some restrictions in place.

Restrictions on abortion access

There are some laws that restrict abortion access in Ohio even though abortion is technically legal.

Parental consent for minors

If someone under 18 seeks an abortion, they must get consent from a parent or guardian first. There are options like judicial bypass if getting consent is not possible.

Other restrictions

Ohio also has restrictions like a 24-hour mandated waiting period between counseling and the abortion procedure.

Abortion access before and after viability

What is viability

Viability is the point in pregnancy when a fetus could survive outside the womb. It varies pregnancy to pregnancy.

Accessing abortion before viability

Abortion is legal before viability in Ohio. However, there are still some obstacles.

Finding a provider

Many providers stop offering abortions early in pregnancy, so finding a provider can be difficult.

Assistance with costs and travel

There are resources to help cover costs, travel expenses, lodging, and more for getting an abortion.

Accessing abortion after viability

After viability, abortion is illegal except for limited exceptions.

Exceptions to post-viability ban

The exceptions are if the pregnant person’s life is endangered or there is a threat to their health from continuing the pregnancy.

Ohio’s Specific Abortion Laws

24-hour waiting period

There is a 24 hour waiting period between getting state-mandated counseling and having an abortion procedure. This can sometimes be waived.

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Parental involvement for minors

Minors under 18 must get parental consent to access abortion unless they obtain a judicial bypass.

Legal until viability

Abortion remains legal up until a pregnancy reaches viability.

Determining viability

Viability must be determined individually for each pregnancy by a health provider.

Variation in provider gestational limits

Although abortion is legal, most providers stop offering abortions early in pregnancy, often before viability.

Out-of-state abortion option

Leaving Ohio to access abortion

It is legal to travel out-of-state to access abortion care. Searching for providers, assistance, and resources available in nearby states is an option.

Assistance and resources

Help finding and funding abortion care

There are national organizations that help connect pregnant people in Ohio with abortion providers, help secure funding for procedures and related expenses, provide travel arrangements, and more. Reach out for help accessing care.


Is abortion completely banned in Ohio? No, abortion remains legal in Ohio until viability, although there are restrictions in place like waiting periods, gestational limits at providers, etc.

Can I get an abortion after 6 weeks in Ohio? Most likely not. Although abortion through 24 weeks is legal with Roe v. Wade’s viability framework still in place, most providers do not offer abortion care that late into pregnancy. Be aware provider gestational limits in Ohio can be under 20 weeks.

What if I’m under 18 and can’t involve my parents? Minors can undergo a judicial bypass process to obtain an abortion without parental involvement if getting consent is not an option.

Is traveling to another state for abortion an option? Yes. It is legal for Ohio residents to travel to other states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc. to access abortion care if it is difficult to find a provider and obtain an abortion in Ohio.

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Who can I contact for help with getting an abortion? You can contact organizations like the National Abortion Federation hotline or If/When/How’s Judicial Bypass Helpline if you need assistance related to finding and accessing abortion care or navigating parental consent bypass. There are also national and local non-profits focused on abortion access and funding. Reach out for support.

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