Abortion in Michigan

Yes, abortion remains legal in Michigan with no gestational limit or ban restricting access based on how far along the pregnancy is. However, those seeking abortions do face legal requirements, limited provider options, and access challenges. This guide covers the legal status of abortion in Michigan, obstacles faced in accessing care, and resources available for assistance.

Abortion is Legal Throughout Pregnancy in Michigan

Michigan has no law prohibiting or limiting abortion based on gestational age, meaning abortion is legal in Michigan throughout pregnancy. There are currently no trigger laws enacted or pending legislation to ban abortion in Michigan.

The right to abortion remains protected in Michigan after the overturning of Roe v. Wade in June 2022. This is because the Michigan Supreme Court ruled in May 2022 that the state constitution protects the right to an abortion. This means access to abortion cannot be restricted by state laws.

So if you’re wondering “is abortion legal in Michigan?” – the answer is an unambiguous yes. There is no limit on abortion in Michigan based on how far along in pregnancy you are. To figure out how far along you are in pregnancy, count from the first day of your last period.

You can legally obtain an abortion at any point during the pregnancy in Michigan by consulting a licensed provider. Keep reading to learn how to locate an abortion provider in Michigan and what you need to know before scheduling a consultation.

Parental Consent Required for Minors Seeking Abortions

While abortion is fully legal in Michigan, there are still some restrictions in place. One key regulation is that if you are under 18 years old, you must obtain parental consent to undergo the procedure.

Specifically, a parent or legal guardian must give permission for a minor under 17 to obtain an abortion in Michigan. This consent from a parent or guardian must be provided in writing.

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Judicial Bypass Available for Minors

If getting consent from a parent or guardian is not possible, there are still options for minors seeking abortions. Michigan allows for “judicial bypass,” which is a legal process that allows those under 18 to get court approval for an abortion instead of parental consent.

To go through judicial bypass in Michigan, you can:

  • Hire an attorney
  • Contact legal aid organizations
  • Access assistance through hotlines like If/When/How Judicial Bypass Helpline

These resources can help minors navigate the judicial bypass process confidentially. The process does involve testifying before a judge and getting their approval to consent to an abortion independently.

Other Difficulties Accessing Abortion Care in Michigan

Beyond parental consent requirements, getting an abortion in Michigan can pose other difficulties:

Mandatory Counseling Prior to Abortion

Michigan law requires that a pregnant person receive state-mandated counseling at least 24 hours prior to undergoing an abortion. This counseling must come directly from the provider clinic.

To fulfill this:

  • Clinics send information digitally ahead of appointments
  • Patients must review materials and sign consent forms

While burdensome, this 24 hour waiting period can be waived by the attending physician if there are health risks involved in continuing the pregnancy.

Few Abortion Clinics Remain Open

Accessing abortion services has become more difficult in Michigan with only around 30 abortion clinics left operating in the state. Some regions have no providers at all.

Travel is often required to reach the nearest abortion facility, which may be hours away for many Michigan residents depending on their location. Appointments get booked well in advance due to limited availability.

Financial and logistical assistance is essential for low income residents and areas lacking nearby care options. External organizations provide vital funding and coordination help obtaining abortions out-of-state when required.

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Searching for an Abortion Provider in Michigan

If you have determined that “abortion is legal in Michigan” and wish to move forward consulting a provider, here are some tips:

Double check that prospective clinics and doctors are licensed medical providers in Michigan. Their credentials and certifications should be clearly displayed on their websites and materials.

Contact Hotlines For Appointment Help and Questions

If struggling to book appointments due to availability constraints and urgency, call the NAF Hotline at 1-800-772-9100. They provide guidance to those facing barriers accessing timely abortion care nationwide.

Hotlines can also answer additional questions related to what to expect during the procedure, recovery process, costs, and after-care recommendations.

Verify Gestational Limits at Each Location

Be aware that while Michigan law permits abortion through all trimesters, individual clinics do establish their own gestational cutoff limits. These are based on the medical capacities of their staff and facility resources.

Call ahead to confirm your pregnancy dating falls within their policies before undergoing required counseling sessions, paying fees, or making travel arrangements.

Finding Assistance for Abortion Costs and Transportation

For low-income Michigan residents, affording an abortion and related expenses can pose a significant hardship. Likewise, for rural areas isolated from major healthcare centers.

Luckily, various non-profit organizations provide abortion funding and travel coordination across Michigan:

  • Michigan Access Fund
  • Midwest Access Coalition
  • Brigid Alliance
  • National Network of Abortion Funds

These groups can supply funding to pay for abortion procedures, travel, lodging, child care costs, and other financial assistance depending on eligibility criteria. Their help enables thousands to access wanted abortion care annually despite socioeconomic challenges.


So in response to the central question “is abortion legal in Michigan?” – the answer is decisively yes, with no limitations on abortionaccess depending on pregnancy gestational age. However, those under 18 still must contend with parental consent laws.

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Meanwhile, locating a licensed abortion provider in Michigan has become more difficult given Clinic shutdowns. The abortion process also carries some legal prerequisites along with costs creating affordability issues for the economically disadvantaged. Still, with proper information and resources, Michigan residents can obtain safe, legal abortions.


Does Michigan have any abortion bans in effect?

No, there are currently no abortion bans in effect under Michigan state law. Abortion remains fully legal and accessible throughout pregnancy.

Do I need parental permission to get an abortion under age 18 in Michigan?

Yes, if you are under 18, Michigan requires written parental consent from a parent or guardian to get an abortion. There are legal options like judicial bypass available if seeking an abortion without parental involvement.

How far along can I be to get an abortion in Michigan?

There are no term limits under Michigan state law regarding abortion access. However, individual abortion clinics do establish their own gestational limit policies, often between 12-24 weeks. So acceptable timing varies by location.

Where can I find financial assistance for getting an abortion in Michigan?

There are nonprofit funds like the Brigid Alliance, Access Fund, and Midwest Access Coalition that provide financial assistance for abortion costs. Their aid pays for procedures, travel, lodging, childcare and other expenses for low income residents.

How do I find an abortion provider close to me in Michigan?

Use the AbortionFinder database and filter by zip code OR contact the National Abortion Federation Hotline for help locating the nearest abortion clinics and doctors’ offices in Michigan. Double check gestational limits.

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